Monday, February 11, 2013

How I lost weight...unintentionally...

I had briefly mentioned previously that one of the new things I tried this year was being a vegan for a week. A strict vegan - no butter, milk, eggs, chicken broth, chicken seasoning - nothing. Turns out it was hard being a strict vegan because I didn't eat sauces or anything that even had milk, butter, cheese. Which surprisingly a lot of foods included without us knowing. 

For example, I was looking through the ingredients of a balsamic dressing, with plain sight you wouldn't think there was cheese included but there was actually finely grated cheese listed in the ingredients.

One awesome thing though that I noticed? No preservatives in the food in the food I ate because they had to be prepared healthily and by myself. I didn't feel sluggish all day (just extremely hungry every hour). 

So I started eating meat again couple of days ago and I immediately fell into a food coma. Immediately.

Another result? My tummy slimmed down and the pair of jeans I wear in my outfit below usually fit very snug, but they didn't. They were just comfortable enough. I even wore a belt with my peplum top and it was at it's last loop!

I wasn't trying to lose weight but I felt the differences in how my body felt. But I couldn't say much for my mood though because I was hungry almost all day because I craved chips, chocolate, and junk food.

Would you gals ever try being vegan, even for a day?

bag//Dooney & Bourke
belt//Forever 21


  1. Love the turquoise and navy!

  2. i did a juice diet for a whole 2 weeks. dropped almost 20lbs. i have 10 more to go but its hard to get back into it.


  3. Great post. I love this color.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Ripple Effect'.


  4. Gorgeous look! LOVE, love! Thank you for visiting my blog. Following you back!

    xo Lulu

  5. This outfit is so cute and preppy! I love the peplum and this fun blazer :)


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