Friday, February 8, 2013

Ugh, why?

I had a pulled a long night last night, not due to work or anything, I was up watching this series that I could not put down. Nor did I have to get up early this morning. I was thinking ahh, perfect, sleep in late a little. 

But noooo..... I can not expect the world out there to not move, not product any noise, or just rest all morning. 

There was light construction going on outside, a lawn mower that was busily buzzing away, and a dark barking. This didn't happen all at once, just simultaneously as if they were on queue. 

Anyone ever feel this way? Ok, maybe I'm just a weee liiittlle tiiiny sensitive right now. Haha.

I tell myself I can not let this control me this morning. So yes, like I mostly do here I have my casual Fridays!

inner top//Express
boots//Forever 21
bag//Dooney & Bourke
jewelry//Forever 21


  1. Love your cardigan ! And I always do that but I got to sleep late usually because of a book. Btw. Silver Linings is great.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  2. I feel ya! I swear there are birds living inside my walls and every time I try to sleep in they are there to wake me up! Rude world. Newest follower!


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