Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I would never wear again

Yesterday I had mentioned that I'm trying different colors; colors I've never imagined myself to even dare try. My new fav color is neon/bright yellow. I do love yellow but always the pastel shade of it. I always thought wearing anything brighter I would be a walking lemon. 

I am absolutely in love with this sweater but probably would never wear it again. Why you might ask? Because it snags everywhere! I had slipped on this sweater for a second and while flinging it over my head, a tiny thread got caught on a splinter of a hanger. To make it worse while I was pulling it out of the closet rack, it was not budging so I pulled harder thinking it was too snug on the rack but no! It was caught on another button and a snag was dragged even further.

I was getting upset at myself for nothing! I love this sweater but I'm afraid to move it in.  By the end of today, it'll probably just be a large knit HOLE.

What do I do? What would y'all do?



necklace//Forever 21
heels//Cathy Jean

Today I'm linking up with Penniless Socialite for their Look What I Got link up.

And would you believe that I got this necklace from Forever 21 for only $10.80?? Yup, gotta love their deals!

Join us in this link up. I'd love to know what you got for a deal!



  1. I Love this outfit! great colors and a super fun necklace! The pop of leopard is perfect!


  2. That is too bad it snags because it is so pretty! I love electric yellow, especially on brunettes! I hate buying an item and then it snags within days, so frustrating!


  3. What a beautiful sweater and I love the color.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest lost 'Structured Stripes'.

    Stay beautiful,


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    Thank you.

  4. That's a shame that it snags so easily because it is SUPER cute. I love it! Maybe you could wear a blazer over it so that you can still wear it, but it'll prevent the snagging. Cute outfit :)

    Inspirations by Kayla Rae

    1. Thanks is a great idea. Thanks for the tip!

  5. That is a pretty sweater especially the color!-I know that feeling when the sweater you love so much gets caught on a rough place... Urgh! :-/

    Thanks for the comment and follow, following you back! :) Keep in touch!


  6. I love the yellow with gray and the necklace is the perfect accessory. F21 has the best!

  7. I've had sweaters like that and sadly the only thing you can do is get rid of them. They'll just cause you too much frustration. Thanks for linking up!
    Penniless Socialite

    1. Aww I do wish I can keep this sweater for a while! Haha.

  8. Hello!

    I love your outfit! I love how you paired your leopard print clutch with your outfit:) Have a great day!

    Lillies & SIlk

  9. That necklace is gorgeous! F21 has such great jewelry pieces on the cheap! Thanks for linking up :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Necklace Giveaway!

  10. Soooo pretty! I love the sweater and necklace.

  11. I love the combination! :) so pretty,casual and chic! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Maria, your newest follower ;)


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