Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Have you ever been to the Magic Castle?

No, I don't mean the Walt Disney castle! I mean The World Famous Hollywood Magic Castle!

That's where I went to celebrate a birthday and entry is only gained by invitation by a previously invited guests or to be a club member. And a club member entails fees to enjoy the variety of magic shows, food and drinks. It is an absolutely fun place for adults only so if you're ever visiting LA definitely try to get a hook up there.


I wanted to take pictures of my outfit and the place but didn't know until I got in that photos were not allowed and they do delete your pictures from your camera! Boo!

The castle looks a like a mystery house from the outside and there are scarce pictures of the inside. The inside though resembles old Hollywood glamor - classy!

Okay so with the glitz and glam of the Oscars awards and dressing to the nines to attend the Magic Castle (dress code is strictly enforced there), I wished how there were more occasions to dress in a ball gown. A full on ball gown. I mean ordinary people do not go to the Oscars and wear ball gowns and when do we ever get to wear ball gowns? 

I wish I could wear some of these below! But when will I ever get the occasion to??

Which would you wear? 

Friday, February 22, 2013

It's all about the hair...

I'll be attending a special dinner this weekend where we have to dress fancy shmancy. 

I'll be wearing a strapless dress (pics will be posted after!)

Been searching high and low for hairstyles to match. Not sure if I can even achieve any of these cause sometimes my hair is just so un-tameable. Why do you think I disguise them in pics? Haha.

Here are some of my fav! But then again who wouldn't want to look like these women just in general!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

My animal instinct prediction...

Just kidding. I don't have any animal instincts. Took me a while to even train my doggy to listen to my commands.

My prediction this upcoming season? Animal pendant and charms are going to be huge in jewelry and accessories. You might have already seen this trend popping up here and there. 

I'm currently coveting them especially the ones with tiger and lion prints or heads. 

This trend is also one of the styles I'm cautiously picking up (even though I'm loving it) because I don't typically stray towards animal prints let alone wear an animal charm on my body. 

But it is time for a change this year to be bold! What are some pieces you've found yourself heading towards lately that you've never thought you would?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What a funny...

Pinterest is dangerous. 

It'll keep literally lock at the screen for hours. Even without words, the coolest, prettiest pictures can keep me clicking away. 

Below is one of the cutest and funniest games from back in the days. Can anyone remember? 

Yup, it's Battleship!

Okay, I'm not going into "battle" but today's definitely a casual comfy day. 

jacket//Old Navy for $13!
top//Forever 21
necklace//Forever 21 for $5!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Currently I am...

I got this fun idea from Emily over at Blue Dog Belle to express how one is currently feeling.

I'm trying to this out now, let's see how I feel about it at the end...I encourage everyone to try it also! =)

Currently I am... 

Annoyed that the post office isn't closer to my place. Traveling there is a bit of a hassle and the service there isn't the best. =/ Anyone feel that way about their post office?

Listening to Rilo Kiley's Silver Lining (please check it out!) I have this sudden interest in Indie Pop. Anyone know of any good Indie bands I can check out?

Watching Say Yes to the Dress (and WAY too much of it) Why? Idk, nor am I engaged!

Reading a romance novel and Freakonomics (so interesting) - the romance novel made me cry because it was so sweet and Freakonomics brought me back to reality.

Wondering if I'm getting sick, the scratchy throats and sniffles or is it because I just read a book that made me cried. Okay, is it weird to cry even though it's just a book not something like a movie?

Feeling soo sleepy but shouldn't sleep because I won't be able to get a good nights rest by taking a nap now so I'll just sit here like a zombie.

Loving and hating the urge to go shopping. Spring is coming and I must I must be ready!

Missing my bed! Only to find my dog has taken it over.

Looking Forward To the weekend already - on a Monday, how sad is that??

Wearing the most comfortable sweats I have. Monday is just not doing it for me today.

Obsessing over jewelry! A sudden love for vintage rhinestone diamond jewelry. What are you gals obsessing over?

Look at what I found on Pinterest. Is this not one of the handiest ideas ever?!

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Something new everyday...

One of my New Year's resolution that I'm still trying to keep up with is try something new everyday - no matter how small it is. For example, I tried vegan for a week and the other day I decided to take a new road I've never tried before on the way home. 

Yesterday I went to a networking event on my own and met a hilarious guy who moved from Texas to Los Angeles to be a comedian. I was completely in awe of his determination and have never met anyone like him. So that was cool.

Not sure what new thing I shall do today. But who knows where life will take you right? Especially in LA.

Have you gals tried something new lately where you were nicely surprised by it's outcome? 

Today I pulled out my polka dots, pearls & greens. By the way I love this little clutch that I got from Target for $10!

polka dot top//Forever 21

Please join me and some wonderful ladies in today's link up from Peace Love and Sequins and MessyDirtyHair.

I hardly wear polka dots (I only have two polka dot pieces) and I'm happy to sport it today! I would love to know what you gals would dare to wear.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

What I do on Singles Awareness Day aka Valentine's Day

Yup that's what my friends and I call today - Singles Awareness Day!

Is there a usual routine you guys fall into for Valentine's Day? For example, dinner and a movie, dinner and a stroll, dinner (that's it). 

I like to spend this day watching my favorite rom-coms and romance dramas. For example, my all time favorite is Pride & Prejudice. And I've seen it twice today already and the days not even over. 

Okay, I saw it last night after 12 am and I saw bits of it today during lunch. So that counts right? 

It reminds me that you will never know where you find someone that interests - even if it's the person you were not attracted or disliked from the beginning. You Just Never Know.

So I'm wrapping myself up today with my fur buddy (my vest) and quite possibly, just maybe watch my fav movie again when I get home. I promise I'll stop tomorrow (quite possibly maybe).

top//Forever 21
flats//Charlotte Russe
jewelry//Forever 21