About Me

Just a normal gal who is looking for an outlet to everyday life so I found myself in creating this blog.

So many people online have inspired to create and use a unique voice. I appreciate that they put it out there.

I love meeting new people and ironically I might be shier online than I am in person. And it is sometimes and more often times the reverse for others... : ) 

A little bit more about me personally... been in Los Angeles most of my life, the first two years of my life was left in the Midwest. 

I love to meet new people and trying to crack open my shell a bit (bear with me!). [That might also be why you don't see only the outfits I sport...]

Nonetheless, thank you for joining me in this adventure, let's see where we can go from here...

Oh, also did I mention I LOVE cinematography, fashion, beauty, DIYs, and interior design? So you might see so much of a mixture here, please indulge and enjoy!

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