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Monday, February 18, 2013

Currently I am...

I got this fun idea from Emily over at Blue Dog Belle to express how one is currently feeling.

I'm trying to this out now, let's see how I feel about it at the end...I encourage everyone to try it also! =)

Currently I am... 

Annoyed that the post office isn't closer to my place. Traveling there is a bit of a hassle and the service there isn't the best. =/ Anyone feel that way about their post office?

Listening to Rilo Kiley's Silver Lining (please check it out!) I have this sudden interest in Indie Pop. Anyone know of any good Indie bands I can check out?

Watching Say Yes to the Dress (and WAY too much of it) Why? Idk, nor am I engaged!

Reading a romance novel and Freakonomics (so interesting) - the romance novel made me cry because it was so sweet and Freakonomics brought me back to reality.

Wondering if I'm getting sick, the scratchy throats and sniffles or is it because I just read a book that made me cried. Okay, is it weird to cry even though it's just a book not something like a movie?

Feeling soo sleepy but shouldn't sleep because I won't be able to get a good nights rest by taking a nap now so I'll just sit here like a zombie.

Loving and hating the urge to go shopping. Spring is coming and I must I must be ready!

Missing my bed! Only to find my dog has taken it over.

Looking Forward To the weekend already - on a Monday, how sad is that??

Wearing the most comfortable sweats I have. Monday is just not doing it for me today.

Obsessing over jewelry! A sudden love for vintage rhinestone diamond jewelry. What are you gals obsessing over?

Look at what I found on Pinterest. Is this not one of the handiest ideas ever?!

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