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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Beginning...

This is the beginning of an inspiration to anything. It's hard to just find one interest and write about only one thing. I like all sorts of things! I'm also shy online but for some reason not in person.

So for the first post, I want to introduce my latest obsession... cinemagraphs and accessories. How are these related at all? They're not actually and that's what I mean.

Stumbled on this awesome blog by an awesome team which creates these mystifying yet eerie looking pictures that assimilate real life movements. Check it out and tell me which one is your favorite:

I can't post a picture here either because the pictures lose their movements. Curious by now?

Accessories, oh what can I say about you? Do you have a closet stocked full of accessories? You know how with clothes you can donate them, give them away, or sell them? What do you do with accessories and jewelry? Do they just go directly into the trash?

I have been fortunate to give them to my sister who graciously took them but what does everyone else do? Just like clothes, don't we have to move the old out to bring the new in?

On a similar note, remember these? They're Kaboodle jewelry carrying cases from the 90's and I still can't believe I found one.

Stay tuned because this will wrap you head...