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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

You might want to wear your sunglasses

In one of my previous posts I mentioned my sudden love for bright, electric colors - especially electric yellow.

So you might want to wear your sunglasses now because it's about to get really bright in here!

You know what I love to wear with electric colors? Light gray. It's muted, subtle and definitely makes the electric color pop more than it already does.

These are just some of my current favs. What about yours?

Also I'm participating is Style Elixir's Style Session link-up. So please do join and meet some of the great women I have met! See you gals over there!

Here's one of my most fav outfits I'm contributing to as part of the Style Sessions:

I just can't get over it 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Peppy Peplum

My current fashion obsession this weekend? Peplum tops, not just regular peplum tops but peplum stripe tops! They're just too gorgeous to just get one.

Peplums are girly and has a vintage feel to them. Yet they're like skirts but not like them because they sit at your waist. I was hesitant at first  because I wasn't sure my waistline could handle it but you know what? After putting one on, I felt it helped out my waistline a bit. There's no harm in trying one at any store so I highly suggest it!

I picked up a few at Forever 21 this weekend but then saw some I adored online after. Ever feel like you had buyers' remorse even if it just a few dollars? I think we know how that feels.

I've chosen a few that I couldn't keep my eyes away from online. Had to show you gals...