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Friday, December 21, 2012

Ever feel...

Ever feel like the stars are not aligning right sometimes? Almost like something in your life is off balance, almost nothing is meshing together easily. Not that life is easy but not as easily as it seems for others.

Sometimes I have this thought and and questions of what I should be in the near future. I guess, yea, you can say I still don't know what I would like to be when I grow up (I'm in my late 20's now, YIKES!)

I stumbled across this website which tells you what you are in your previous and past lives, and what feelings/traits we need to or have released and what we should (suggested) embrace in our future.

And I feel...what it said about me was true!...

Check out your past and new life... please let me know if you feel it's accurate or not. I'm really curious...

Here's what it says about mine...

I should release these traits:

- Ungrounded wanderlust
- Fixating on the future
- Righteous zealotry

And embrace these traits:

- Community activism
- The power of Now
- Playful exploration

To me it's true! HAHA. You know the weird thing is... I was never big on astrology nor horoscopes but sometimes a little awakening from an outside source is a bit of an eye opener...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

ONE of My Weirdest Indulgences...

One of my weirdest indulgences is...

I LOVE listening to the Dos Equis beer commercials! You know the one where the commercial lists all the things "The Most Interesting Man in the World" does or does not do?

Heard some new and hilarious lines on the radio last on the way home from work yesterday. What do you think?? Haha.

"The werewolf takes His picture to the barber."

"He does not do pushups, He pushes the earth down."

"He is left-handed and right-handed."

"If he were to mail a letter without postage, it would still get there."

Interestingly enough I feel like his quotes are even somewhat inspirational so YOU can be most the most interesting YOU!

It's like Live Like Best... Live Your Best...